4 Famous Vacation Properties Listed on Airbnb

Want to spend your vacation in a famous residency? Airbnb has given travelers the opportunity to stay in the homes of their favorite celebrities. If you search Airbnb at the right time, you can plan a stay in famous vacation properties listed on Airbnb. These celebrity homes on Airbnb are popular, so plan your vacation accordingly so you are one step closer to sleeping in the bed of your favorite star.

4 Famous Vacation Properties Listed on Airbnb

Do you want to be in the same room as your favorite celebrity? What about sleeping in their home? Famous homes on Airbnb allows you to stay the night in the home of a Hollywood star. Avoid the paparazzi by shielding yourself in these fabulous homes.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Palm Springs lap of luxury

Planning a vacation to Palm Springs? Why not stay at Elizabeth Taylor’s Palm Springs luxurious sanctuary. The home has three bedrooms, a luxury pool, and a grand piano to bring some music to this lap of luxury. The late actress’ Airbnb home is listed for $631.16 per night. At this price, you get the chance to be in a home of the actress who is the definition of style and class.

Jimi Hendrix’s Hawaii retreat

Fan of the famous crooner, Jimi Hendrix, and you need another excuse to go to Hawaii? Airbnb gives you the chance to be in the Hawaii home where the famous musician stayed while filming his concert movie, “Rainbow Bridge.” The modest home is $165 a night and requires a three-night minimum. The lush landscape surrounding the property might be the only essential you will need during your stay.

Denzel Washington’s Malibu getaway spot

A great Airbnb home to stay while in Malibu, CA is the beach home of Oscar-winning actor, Denzel Washington. One of the famous vacation properties listed on Airbnb is a great escape from the city and has a 180-degree view of the ocean. At a whopping $407 per night, you can be where Denzel Washington watched the sunrise.

Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs architectural home

If Elizabeth Taylor’s Palm Springs home is rented out already, head over to Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs home. This modern architectural home was designed by famed architect E. Stewart Williams and has four bedrooms and concierge services to make you feel right at home. For over $2,400 a night, you can feel like the fifth Rat Packer in this famous Airbnb home.

The Less Famous Vacation Rental Properties

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