5 Items to Make Your Vacation Rental Guests Feel At Home

Airbnb homes give vacation rental guests a hotel stay with the comforts of a home. As an Airbnb host, making your guest feel comfortable in your home is important for good reviews and to bring them back again.

Are you a first-time Airbnb host for your rental home? For first-timers, you don’t know what exactly to provide for your vacation rental guests or the home preparation for vacation guests. We have the five vacation rental home essentials you should always provide your guests to give them a memorable stay and in return, you will get a great review.

5 Essentials to Provide for Your Vacation Rental Guests

As travelers, most of your guests will bring their suitcases and not much else. Prepare for their stay with these essentials most vacation rental guests may need during their stay.

Wifi password

Wifi internet is the number one essential Airbnb guests look for when they book their stays in vacation homes. Whether your guest is visiting for business or pleasure, it is a major essential to provide your guests. Contact your internet provider if you need help making a guest wifi connect and password just for your Airbnb guests.


This is a no brainer, but some Airbnb hosts don’t seem to understand the guests they are going to receive at their home. Vacation rental guests are still guests, and they should be provided with towels to wash themselves. An Airbnb guest doesn’t want to arrive and have to rush to get a towel and have to leave it behind after they check out.


A vacation rental home should still act like a hotel stay to your guest. Skipping out on basics in the bathroom like soap to wash their hands and body is one leading way to a bad review. Your vacation rental guests will feel right at home with all the essential toiletries you provide for them.

In-room beverages

As a nice welcome, give your vacation guests bottled water and a basket of teas and coffee in their rooms. This will make you look like a considerate Airbnb host to help them not have to come to the kitchen for coffee or water, giving them more privacy in their stay.

Coffee maker

Who doesn’t love a nice cup of coffee in the morning? Having access to fresh coffee in the morning with a coffeemaker is a treat to your guests. Whether you give them a small coffee maker in their room or let them know they have access to the one in the kitchen, you are saving them time and money not having to find the nearest Starbucks in the morning.

Full-service Airbnb Management

Are you overwhelmed by all the essentials you need to provide your Airbnb guests? We are here to help! Majestic Vacation Management is a full-service property management to help Airbnb hosts with all the essentials to prepare for your next Airbnb guests. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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