These Activities Will Make You Never Visit the Strip Again

What can I do off the Las Vegas Strip? This small question is constantly asked by Las Vegas vacationers looking for a new adventure and new adventures outside of the famous Strip. Are there other activities to do off the Las Vegas Strip? Is there a Las Vegas past the Strip?

This guide is perfect for you if you think “Been there, done that” to all the things on the Strip. These activities to do off the Las Vegas Strip makes you forget the almost four miles of glitz hotels and casinos and gets you to see the real side of Las Vegas.

Our guide also takes into account people visiting the gambling capital but aren’t the gambling type and have a hard time finding non-gambling things to do in Las Vegas. Lay back and let us guide you through a fun journey of the great city of Las Vegas.

Activities to Do in Vegas That Don’t Include the Strip

If hanging out at high-end nightclubs and drinking the most expensive beer you’ll ever buy sounds like the worst time, we are here to save your Las Vegas vacation. The activities on the Strip get old if you have done them a couple of times. Now is your time to get adventurous and discover a different side of the city with these non-touristy things to do in Vegas.

Grab a drink at these Las Vegas dives

In the Las Vegas heat (even in the winter), a drink is often a necessity. But paying an arm and a leg for a fancy cocktail is out of the question. For a good time while in Vegas, go where the drinks are more inexpensive, but the environment is priceless—the local dive bars.

Local Las Vegas dive bars give you stronger drinks with half the glitz and price of the high-end bars on the Strip.

Here are a couple of bars to head to if you’re looking for a stiff drink:

  • Corduroy: The newest bar on the Fremont East block, this bar holds its own amongst the existing bars. We only have three words regarding this bar: ADULT CAPRI SUNS. Remember your childhood favorite fake fruit juice, but this time it comes with an adult twist.
  • The Nerd: This one is for all the gamers visiting Sin City—and not Sin City as in the comic book city. If you are have gaming withdrawals, head to The Nerd for free video games and free bowling. Their specialty drinks are themed after many nerdy fandoms and served by hot nerdy cocktail waitresses.

These are just examples of the types of bars you find outside of the glamourous bars on the Vegas Strip. The local dive bars of Las Vegas make you feel as though you are a non-tourist and you don’t have to feel as though you are going to break the bank for a domestic beer.

Foodie haven

In recent years, Las Vegas has become a mecca for foodies to try sensation cuisine from world-renowned chefs. Only problem is you and your wallet won’t be full in the end. If extraordinary food served in small portions makes you feel extra, head to some of these Las Vegas hometown restaurants:

  • Vegenation: Those with specific dietary restrictions always find it hard to find a restaurant dedicated to their needs. Vegenation took this need and made two all vegan restaurants. Located in both Downtown Las Vegas and Henderson, Vegenation has a unique vegan menu full of delicious entrees and fresh juices. On weekends, they have the best vegan chicken and waffles for their weekend brunches.
  • Pho Kim Long: A bowl of pho at 2 a.m. or 2 p.m. is always a good decision. Luckily for the 24-hour city of Las Vegas, Pho Kim Long is open for those late night/early mornings where you want to get your pho on. Heading there late at night serves as a fun opportunity to people watch if you like doing that.

The food scene outside of the Strip is just as extraordinary as the one on it. It just doesn’t require a dress code and doesn’t cut into your vacation budget. This gives you more money for drinks or souvenirs.

Entertainment capital

Las Vegas is known for its spectacular shows and events taking place in the center of the Strip. But what are some events happening outside of Las Vegas Blvd. The culture of Las Vegas is becoming more diverse than just the special events in the Las Vegas Strip. These events are helping catapult Las Vegas into a more art and entertainment culture.

  • Life is Beautiful Music Festival: The child produced when combining art and music comes to fruition with the Life is Beautiful music festival. With past headliners like Muse, Imagine Dragons, and Chance the Rapper, this live art, and music festival happens in the fall and displays the heart and love of the real Las Vegas for those who come to this three-day festival.
  • Electric Daisy Carnival: If dancing the night away in the middle of the desert with the top DJs is on your bucket list, plan to come to the Electric Daisy Carnival in the sweltering summer. The Electric Daisy Carnival has one of the most mesmerizing fireworks shows. It leaves all other Fourth of July fireworks in the dust. Get ready for outrageous outfits you can’t get away with on any other weekend except maybe Halloween.

Las Vegas has events going on in every season, so whatever time of the year you are visiting Las Vegas expect to have a great entertainment to go to.

Off the Beaten Path: Nature Spots to Visit in Las Vegas

Want activities to do off the Las Vegas Strip and outside of the city? These activities are for those who don’t want to be held in four walls and need the smell of fresh Vegas air. Las Vegas has extraordinary outdoor spaces often gone unnoticed. Strap up your hiking shoes and get ready for the real wild side of Las Vegas.

Nature wonders

Las Vegas is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges framing both breath-taking sunrises and sunsets. We have some stand out spaces you definitely need to go to among other remarkable outdoor spaces for an experience unlike no other.

  • Red Rock National Park: In what seems like red mountains painted on the outmost west side of town, Red Rock National Park is a natural wonder unlike any other. The massive National Park has a 12-mile scenic loop for cyclist and drivers. It has great outlooks into the mountains and trails for hikers of all levels. You haven’t been to Vegas if you haven’t gone to Red Rock.
  • Mount Charleston:  When Las Vegas locals need to get away from the 115 degree summer days or want to ride the slopes, we head Mount Charleston to transport to the opposite of the cityscape. Mount Charleston offers a nearby getaway for those interested in leaving the city behind them and head to a more natural space.

Step away from the artificial lights of Las Vegas Blvd and escape to see the natural wonders in the background of the city.

Must-see outdoor wonders

Looking for spots to take Instagram selfies sure to get you hundreds of likes? These outdoor attractions are great photo opportunities.

  • Seven Magic Mountains: The monochromatic desert color palette was inverted when an Italian artist decided to place fluorescent stacked stones in a desert near Jean, NV. Seven Magic Mountains takes you outside of the city to seven stacks of large boulders standing alone in the middle of the desert. This is a great background for a stunning photo or to experience color contrast in person.
  • Hoover Dam: The Hoover Dam is something so ahead of its time and takes your breath away with the scale of it. Take a walk along the dam and get a history lesson of the process to create a wonder of that stature. Also, the water in the water fountains is super cold and very refreshing, perfect when you visit in the summertime.

The mentioned Seven Magic mountains is a hotspot for Instagrammers. Don’t expect to have solo shots of yourself while there, as there will be other people wanting to get a great shot. Head early for a great spot for a sunrise and a selfie fest.

Where to Stay Off the Las Vegas Strip

If you want a full non-Vegas Strip experience, you don’t have to stay on the Strip. There are great vacation rental properties through the different areas of the city so you have a chance to explore more areas of Las Vegas. The properties listed through Majestic Vacation Management give you more of a home feel and won’t break the bank for a weekend stay. Plan to stay at a vacation rental property for your next Vegas vacation!