The Bathroom Essentials for Airbnb Guests

Is there an extra roll? Whether you offer a shared or private bathrooms or both, a great Airbnb host provides bathroom essentials for Airbnb guests. This helps your guest not have to run to a store for their own toilet paper.

These Airbnb bathroom essentials don’t just provide convenience to your guests, these toiletries for Airbnb guests are a standard any home provides. An Airbnb home is a home afterall, but for a better experience for the guest, toiletries let them know they are special in your home.

Standard Bathroom Essentials for Airbnb Guests

A little toilet roll goes a long way. Make your Airbnb guests feel they don’t have to worry about anything while staying in your Airbnb home by providing these standard essentials for them.

Toilet paper

A great Airbnb host will provide their guests with enough toilet paper to last them for their entire stay. A half used roll without a back up roll near by tells your guest you haven’t concerned yourself with preparing for their stay. For a shared or private bathroom, add a toilet roll holder fully stocked with toilet rolls. Also, leave some rolls under the sink, or somewhere your guests have easy access to.


Guests choose to stay at an Airbnb than a standard hotel for the feeling of home. A home always has towels for them to wash themselves or dry their hands. Towels are another standard of the bathroom essentials for Airbnb guests, because who likes to take a shower and suddenly realize they don’t have anything to dry themselves with. Provide each room with a large towel and several washcloths for your guests to have.

Shower caddy

A shower caddy is an essential for shared bathrooms. Because you may have multiple guests using the bathroom, it can become cluttered if everyone places their shower items in one shower. With a shower caddy for each room, they easily carry their items in and out of the shower, leaving more room in the shower.

Hand soap

The last of the bathroom essentials for Airbnb guests is hand soap, which is just as necessary as toilet paper. Your guests need to wash their hands after each time they use the bathroom, so why wouldn’t there be soap provided for them? Before each guest checks in, check your soap dispensers are full or place a new soap for them.

We Will Take Care of the Essentials for You

Majestic Vacation Management is a full-service property management company. Translation: We got you when it comes to preparing your rental home for your Airbnb guests. From cleaning and preparation with all the essentials, we will make your home ready for your next Airbnb guests to arrive and feel right at home. Contact us to see how we can help you today!

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