Choosing the Best Times for Your Guests to Arrive and Depart Will Simplify Your Airbnb Host Life

Seeing guests come in and out of your Airbnb residency is exciting, but sometimes you need some time to prep for your guests. Planning arrival and departure times for Airbnb homes help you as a host arrange for your next guest while still helping your existing guest have a great experience until the end of their stay.

If you don’t have vacation property management behind you preparing for your next guests, check-ins and check-outs become scrambled, and you are left stressed out.

Choosing the right time for your guests to depart helps with the arrival time of your next guests, creating a chain of productivity due to quality time planning. But don’t know which time slots are perfect for you and your guests?

Planning Arrival and Departure Times for Airbnb Homes to Make Your Life Easier

If an Airbnb guest overstays or they arrive earlier, it is hard on you as an Airbnb host when preparing and planning for the stays. Giving your guests flexible check-in times helps both you and the guest. Planning arrival and departure times for Airbnb homes help Airbnb hosts in a big way.

Consider the time to prepare for the next guest

One thing you should try as a host is to time yourself preparing for an Airbnb stay. Imagine you have back-to-back stays and how long it would take you to arrange your vacation property for them. This helps you find out the perfect arrival for check-in to your Airbnb home if you have guests coming in and out.

Communication is key

A good Airbnb host keeps clear communication with their future guests and existing guests. Asking your guests when they plan to leave or when they are going to arrive helps you arrange your time accordingly. Communication helps with the check-in/check-out time flexibility. If you are not expecting anyone after your guests checking out, they can stay longer in case they don’t have a place to go before their flights or trips later on in the day.

Stick to the standard

If you are still having difficulty choosing the times for arrival and departures, stick to the standard times of 11 a.m. for check-in and 3 p.m. for check-out. There is a four hour period between each time to help prepare yourself for the next guests. When in doubt, stick to the standard times.

Not There to Check Guests In and Out? No Problem!

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