Your Local Guide to Conquering Las Vegas for Your Spring Break

Las Vegas is the place college kids daydream about going for their Spring Break during Biology lab. But the idea of having a Las Vegas Spring Break often becomes a mirage in the Mojave Desert due to college budget, also known as the real struggle. You don’t have to give up on your Spring Break dream like you gave up that Organic Chemistry major, there is a Spring Break guide to get you to experience the most out of Las Vegas with the least amount of money. This guide gives you a chance to ball out in Sin City with the money your parents gave you for groceries.

We all know the Las Vegas Strip is pretty pricey for an average college student, but spring break on a budget is the surefire way to get the most of your trip without having to break into your savings. There are so many Las Vegas local spots to hit up for a budget-friendly meal or drink to give you an inside to life in Las Vegas and make you pass for a local and not a tourist. Because no one ever wants to give off the vibe of a tourist.

Guide to a Las Vegas Spring Break on a Budget

Your wait for Spring Break has been full of ramen noodle breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now is the time to enjoy your savings and make the most of your Las Vegas Spring Break. But wondering how to vacation in Las Vegas on a budget? Don’t worry; we have your back.

Checklist before your trip

Before your vacation even happens, there is a period where you prepare for your trip, which includes booking your flight and accommodations. This checklist needs to happen way before your trip, so you don’t get hit with the last minute high prices. Creating a list helps you to figure out what exactly you need for the vacation and gives you a timeline for purchasing your flight and hotel.

Use flight tracker apps

Tracking the price of your flight is going to be your best friend in planning your trip on a budget. Flight tracking apps, like Google Flights, help you to monitor the price of your next trip and alert you when the best time to purchase your flight tickets. There isn’t a need to guess a good time to buy your flight tickets or miss a good deal. You can get regular updates sent to your phone or email, so you know when to stop paying attention to your immensely riveting.

Consider a vacation property in the city

The luxury of a hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip is not a good use of your hard-earned money. When you just can’t afford the 100 dollars a night hotel rooms, it’s time to branch off and find other accommodations for a Las Vegas Spring Break.

If you are coming in a group of friends to Sin City, consider renting a Las Vegas vacation rental property for a sweeter deal on your place to stay. Vacation rental properties give you a homey feel and an inside look into Las Vegas. It also provides you and your friends enough space to feel comfortable and not have to cram ten people into one hotel room. Tourists are ditching hotels for vacation rentals to avoid overpriced stays during their trip.

What to Do in Las Vegas Outside of the Strip

Now you have everything prepared to get to Vegas, but you have to figure out where to go in Las Vegas for Spring Break. While it is tempting to head straight to Wet Republic, you are going to blow your whole budget for your vacation on ONE drink.

If you are staying at a vacation rental property, you have the opportunity to skip the Strip and have an adventure in the real Las Vegas. The best part of staying local in Sin City is you can get the most of a college budget and still have a jolly good time.

Locals night out

If you are spending the whole week in Las Vegas, you are going to have to head to some of the nights during the week when the locals go out. Since some locals work during the weekends, they usually have their days off during the week, which means they go out on a Monday or Wednesday.

Downtown Las Vegas is the best during the week, as they often have some entertaining places to have a good time on a Tuesday. Beauty Bar offers Nickel Beer Night, which is exactly what it is, cheap beer. If you can endure some PBR, you get to jam out to some great local artists and outdoor/indoor dance floors.

During your Las Vegas Pub Crawl, Corduroy also is in the downtown bar scene and is now offering Bingo during the week. This game is past time for your granny, but is actually fun when alcohol is involved. Need more convincing to play? What about some pretty cool prizes and cash to add to your food budget? We knew we could convince you that way.

History lesson

If alcohol isn’t your thing, we have some activities for you to get to know what hides behind the glamour of Las Vegas. Before it was the entertainment capital of the world, Vegas had a dark and bright past you have a chance to discover.

  • Springs Preserve: Before all the stylish pools on the Strip were the liquid oasis we know, there was a big desert without any water—or so everyone thinks. Springs Preserve is a natural walking museum of what Las Vegas must have been like in the old days. You can walk on a trail in the preserve or head over to their interactive exhibits.
  • Mob Museum: There is no reason to hide the mob connections of Las Vegas, and now you can get the side of the history where gangsters ran the Strip. The Mob Museum is an interactive museum helps you get back to the good old days where wearing hats was a fashion staple and the mob ruled these Las Vegas streets.
  • Neon Museum: Las Vegas has evolved over the years, including their famous lights. If you want not to see LED lights and see the old signs of the hotels famous in Sin City, head to the Neon Museum to get nostalgic of the good old days.

The Springs Preserve and Neon Museum are outdoor exhibits, so wear your sunscreen and bring some water. Enjoy the perfect Spring weather in Las Vegas before it starts feeling like the inside of a frying pan.

Experience a Las Vegas Spring Break with More Money in Your Pockets

Grab your friends and rent out a Las Vegas vacation rental property to have more space for a fun Spring Break if you don’t want to spend all your money on one night in a luxurious hotel room on Las Vegas Boulevard. Visit Majestic Vacation Management to see all of our Spring Break ready properties.