Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Vacation Season

Airbnb hosts in Las Vegas are lucky to live in a city which becomes popular for the summer. Everyone wants to experience the 100+ degree heat and soak up some rays poolside. Airbnbs for summer travel are you get to have a significant passive income with guests checking in and out of your rental home.

Summer is also a perfect time for you to turn your unused rental home into a quint vacation home for travelers to come stay.

Preparing Airbnbs for Summer Travel

Las Vegas is a famous city to come to for summer vacation due to the beautiful (and sweltering) weather. Whether people are on a budget or they just don’t see the point of staying in an expensive hotel on the Strip, Airbnb homes are a perfect option for travelers.

Set ground rules for your guests

Summer brings to a lot of families traveling together, but it also brings the young adults ready to party it up. These types of guests are the reason you need to set any ground rules for specific things you don’t want happening in your home.

Nevada legislation has cracked down on Airbnb houses conducting parties in them, so you need to protect yourself from receiving a penalty. If you don’t want to cause a commotion in your neighborhood, specify to your guests the quiet hours of the house and the fact you will not allow any partying in your home.

Also, set rules for any furniture moving which could occur or if they damage any household items.

Giving your guests reasonable check-in and check out times

Once a guest checks out of their room, it is time to prepare for the next guests to arrive. If you have back-to-back guests arriving and leaving, it is stressful to have to clean and prepare. This is madness is why you need to set reasonable times to check in and out of your Airbnb home, so you don’t have to rush your cleaning to hit the deadline of the next guest coming to the home.

Don’t forget to enjoy meeting your guests

Although it could be stressful to have back to back reservations for your home, remember one of the reasons for having a vacation rental and doing Airbnb hosting, which is to meet people from all over. When you have Airbnbs for summer travel, always keep in mind to check with your guests and ask how their stay is going. Also, remember to give local suggestions for activities they should do while in the city or some local eateries they should try for dinner.

Let Majestic Vacation Management Help You This Summer

Already dreading the summer and managing your Airbnb home? Let the staff of Majestic Vacation Management maintain your home and prepare it for your guests. We are a licensed Airbnb management service ready to help you out. Contact us today to see how we can help you!