How to Set Up Your House Rules for Your Vacation Rental Property

Are you ready to place your vacation rental property on Airbnb? Before you do, have you considered the house rules for your guests? It’s the number one thing to consider before placing your rental property on the hospitality service. Just as any hotel, your property is meant to be treated with respect and courtesy.

Creating Airbnb guidelines and Airbnb rules for your vacation property helps Airbnb hosting simple, and your guests will know exactly what to do and not do while staying in your residence.

Airbnb Rules for Your Vacation Rental Property

With more and more legislations tackling the disorderly conduct of the guests in Airbnb properties, it is crucial for you to create a set of guidelines and rules for your vacation rental property. This way you will not have any mishaps or troubles down the line with future guests.

Set your boundaries

Most people enjoy staying at an Airbnb for feeling the comforts of home. But, it is still your vacation rental property, and you decide what your guests can use and not use. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries for your guests to protect valuable items in your home.

Go through your vacation rental property and see what you would like and not like guests to use during their stay.

Set up your guidelines based on the following:

  • Smoking: Are guests allowed to smoke on the property?
  • Eating areas: Is there designated area for guests to eat?
  • Extra guests: Can your guests bring extra guests or visitors during their stay?
  • Quiet hours: Would you like to set up quiet hours during the week or for the weekend?
  • Pets: Can your home accommodate pets?

Open door policy

As you welcome your guests for their stay, remind them to look over the rules and guidelines. Let them know if they have any questions to feel free to ask them. Also, let your guests know you are available at all times if anything comes up or they have any questions during their stay.

Clear communication as an Airbnb host makes your guests feel more comfortable and will have a more comfortable stay.

You Set the Rules. We Will Manage Them.

If you have a rental property in Las Vegas, but you don’t live in Las Vegas, it is tricky to manage your rental property and care for your guests. Luckily, Majestic Vacation Management is here to help with your vacation property management. We will take care of your property so you can just reap the benefits. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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