How the Short-term Rental Nevada Legislation Can Affect Airbnb Homes

This past June, the City of Las Vegas voted on a new Nevada legislation regarding Airbnb short-term rental owners. They voted to implement a stricter regulation to those who use their homes on Airbnb. Homeowners will now have to fill out an application for a special permit to keep hosting their home for Airbnb. This Nevada legislation will be a change to homeowners of rental homes offered on Airbnb.

How the New Short-term Rental Legislation Affects Airbnb Homes

Planning to add your home on Airbnb to make some extra cash? Find out what you need to know about this new legislation before placing your home on the short-term rental site.

The short-term rental permit

The legislation requires Airbnb hosts to apply for a special permit to allow them to continue having their short-term rental on Airbnb for Las Vegas. The application does have a pre-application process and checklist the applicant must complete before submitting their application. The following step in the permit process is a hearing, either a non-public hearing or public hearing. The total for the permit process for those wanting to get their permit will cost upwards of $1,000.

Exception to the rule

This new legislation does have an exception to the rule. The only short-term rentals who don’t need a permit have less than three bedrooms and  owner-occupied. Smaller short-term rental homes can breath easy knowing they will not have to do the permit process.

Cause for the vote

What made Las Vegas vote for stricter regulations on short-term rentals? The partying happening in the homes is causing disruptions in the neighboring area. Neighbors of vacation rental properties have experienced nuisance and partying from the homes being used on Airbnb. Las Vegas believes these poorly managed short-term rentals are becoming weekend party homes and disrupting the neighborhood. The image of short-term rentals as party houses have left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

We Can Manage Your Property and Take Care of the Mess

Don’t let this new legislation scare you from your vacation home rental plans. At Majestic Vacation Management, we will take care of the cleaning and property listing. We are your very own experts in vacation rental properties. Contact us today to get more information on placing your short-term rental on Airbnb!

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