Taking Great Listing Pictures of Your Vacation Property Will Help Bring in More Visitors

A picture is worth a thousand words, and an Airbnb with great pictures of a property is going to beat out a listing with two blurry photos. Great listing pictures of your vacation property are one surefire way to get more travelers to reserve your home. We have the tips and tricks to help get your property more attention from travelers ready to visit your city.

Interior Photography Tips for Great Listing Pictures of Your Vacation Property

You don’t have to have a master’s in home photography to achieve impressive photos for your Airbnb listing. Try these tips and techniques to boost your vacation property among the other listings on Airbnb.

Take a look at the view

The views of a city are always going to take someone’s breath away, and it is the same with the views of a bedroom you are trying to sell to travelers. If your home has wonderful views of natural spaces tourists would enjoy, it makes for an awe-inspiring listing pictures of your vacation property and is sure to get tourists to book quickly.

Find the right angles

If you are listing your entire property on Airbnb, take photos of the right angles of every room so travelers have a better idea of the vacation property they are staying at. Take photos of the interior spaces during the day and at night so people have a better image of how they look during those times.

Avoid filler photos

A photo of the refrigerator or other irrelevant photos of the property listing won’t help your Airbnb listing. There are other spaces to take photos of your property of and make travelers want to spend their vacation there.

Make it an experience

Share your vacation property’s experience through the use of photography. It will give potential tourists an idea of the property and how it will feel staying there. Airbnb gives travelers a chance to stay in a different environment than your typical vacation stay at a hotel. This gives you a chance to share your home through photographed experiences throughout your vacation property.

Need Help with Your Property Photos?

Majestic Vacation Management will take magnificent photos of your property for you to get more travelers to book their stays with you. We are here to help you maintain and manage your vacation rental property. Contact us today to see how we can help your vacation property listing!