Travelers Are Ditching Hotel Rooms and Staying at a Vacation Rental for These Reasons

Have you had a hard time falling asleep in a hotel room? The bed feels weird due to it becoming uncomfortable or maybe too comfortable where your body isn’t used to it. Many travelers are feeling the same about hotels and are staying at a vacation rental for their trips.

With the rise in popularity of travel sites like Airbnb, travelers are stepping outside the lodging box and opting for a more homestay while on vacation. Tourists are ditching fancy hotel stays and discovering the comforts of home at a vacation rental.

3 Reasons Tourists are Staying at a Vacation Rental

Vacations are a great time to step out of your home and into a new place, but it’s nice to sometimes have some home-y vibes while on vacay. This feeling of yearning for home is where the advantages of vacation rental properties come in; it is for tourists who want to be in a new environment but know there is still something from home in it.

Chance to see a new side of the city

There are groups of tourists who don’t exactly want to give off they are on vacation and do the cliche tourist activities. They want to explore new places they wouldn’t know about if they stayed in a hotel room in the heart of a city. Staying at a vacation rental lets them fulfill this yearning to go off the beaten path. They explore more local spots and see new areas they wouldn’t have a chance to see.

More space

Hotel rooms are limited in area to congregate with your fellow travelers. You’ll either have to all go to one place to meet up or make plans for the day. With a vacation rental, you have a standard area to meet up, hang out, and plan without having to cram into a small room.

Home feeling while you’re away

If it is your first time away from home, the thought of staying in a hotel room is intimidating. You have a tiny space without any references of home. A vacation rental is the opposite, as it gives travelers a feeling of home. You get access to a kitchen to cook your favorite meals if you don’t like the local cuisine and cozy room with a comfy bed. It will almost feel as though you didn’t leave for vacation at all.

Give Travelers a Cozier Stay While on Vacation

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