Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Feel Like a Home

Your home should feel like a home. You should feel comfortable in every room of your house, and it should have your specific taste. But how do you make your vacation rental feel like a home to your guests? That’s your entire goal as a vacation home owner, after all: to make your guests feel every bit as comfortable as you do in your own home. Here are some of the best ideas for rental house decorating that will give your guests a home away from home.

Vacation Rental: Creating a Home for Everybody

Greet your renters

First impressions are important. When your guests first arrive, immediately make them feel welcome and at home by greeting them at the front door. Greeting them is a nice personal touch that no other aspect of your vacation rental can replace.

Decorate in a classic way

Remember back to when you were a kid. What did your home look like? What made it feel like a home? These are some important questions to think about when figuring out to make your vacation rental feel like home. First and foremost, balance is the number one thing when decorating a room that welcomes your guests. Avoid having personal pictures or mementos. It can make your guests feel like they are just guests in someone else’s home.

Fill your vacation rental with inviting scents

This may sound obvious, but it’s more than just having something smell nice. The smell of cleaning chemicals is harsh and will make them think they’re staying in a hotel—not very inviting. There are certain smells that invite feelings of coming home. For example, lay out some of nature’s best air fresheners: slices of lemon (try wiping down the counters with lemon water),  vanilla, pine cones, essential oils, and other natural remedies.

Keep it nice and clean

Again, another no brainer. But it is one that deserves a lot of emphasis. Because your vacation rental isn’t something that you can just douse with harsh chemicals (as mentioned before). It’s something that requires a lot of delicacy but thoroughness. Try more mild cleaning products and natural remedies as much as possible (there really are a lot of ways to clean your home with lemons).

Rent Your Second Home out with Majestic

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